Horse base

Horseback riding can be an extremely enjoyable endeavor when it is with a good horse, in the right setting and with the right company. Our horses, most born here, are trained from young foals as they become accustomed to their keepers and riders. Because of the gentle approach to training, horses enjoy the company of humans and often seek attention from our clients and team.

Our guides are qualified riding instructors living in the area who know the mountain like the back of their house. They know the character of each horse and have the ability to judge the level of riders well. In safe hands and fresh company, riders learn facts about the local flora and fauna, as well as the history of the area.

A cozy and unforgettable experience

The ranch is located at the foot of Mount Rusaliite in the Rila Mountains. Forest trails begin here, winding among many other trails leading to popular areas such as Gergeva Rock and Godlev Chapel. But the routes also lead us to hidden magical places like the Chobanský Vir and the Avramov Stone.

The varied forest roads and shortcuts give us more than one route to the same place, depending on the time we have and the views we want to see. The fabulous views from the high ridges are breathtaking, the berries for us and the fresh grass for the horses justify the long ride, and the hidden forest lodges give us shelter when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Our Horses

Free-range horses Each horse has a “fan club” among our regular customers and enjoys special attention when they visit us.

Boarding for horses

We offer full boarding on a free range or boxed basis. The horses live freely with us, grazing every day and spending the night in the paddock (in summer) or in the stable (in winter).

The hay is locally produced and the concentrated feed is a grain mix tailored to the horses’ work intensity. The boxes are covered with wooden bran.

Contact us

(+359) 888 904 964

Standard package

  • Box in the stable and paddock
  • Feed and hay, mineral salt
  • Grazing with the herd
  • Horses get vital exercise and companionship in a safe environment.

Additional services

  • Daily cleaning of the horse (body, mane/tail, hooves)
  • Riding + continuous training tailored to the level of the horse
  • Hoof trimming or shoeing
  • Veterinary services

Horses for Sale



Karakachan breed


Suitable for:

pet, teaching children to raise animals

Not suitable for:

Riding - has a hip injury as a result of a fall years ago. The injury has healed, but may worsen with exertion.

Preparation for riding

For maximum comfort while riding we recommend following our tips below.


Comfortable fitted/tight clothing with a zippered pocket for your phone, camera and anything else you don’t want to lose while riding. For the summer, even if it is very warm, it is recommended to wear an outer garment tied at the waist (in two knots!) for long rides. It can get cold in the forest when riding in the shade and high up in the mountains. We recommend long pants (leggings, etc), but you can also ride with short pants, but not too short. For winter it is advisable to wear gloves.


All types of boots without a high heel are best, but all low-heeled or flat-soled shoes are fine. Keep in mind that shoes that are too wide, such as sneakers or snowboard shoes, will not fit in the stirrup of the saddle and you will not be able to ride.


Helmet is a must when riding. We provide helmets, but as long as you have your own for riding or biking you can bring it. The hat is optional according to the season.


Horses love apples and carrots! We also have a horse who is a fan of everything including sandwiches! The best treat for your equine friend is carrots. Treats are by no means necessary, but they do contribute to a good relationship with your horse. Please contact our team in advance when bringing treats for the horses.

To the horse:

In order to maintain the health of our horses we apply the following limits to the riders weight:

  • Maximum weight for riding up to 1 hour - 100 kg.
  • Maximum riding weight up to 2 hours - 90 kg.
  • Maximum riding weight over 2 hours - 80kg

Please be honest about your weight, at max weight 5kg are a big consideration on a horses back.

Riding for beginners

Learn a new skill

The riding...

Horseback riding is a dream for many people and attainable enough nowadays. Horses are large animals that must be treated with respect, understanding and perseverance. But the language of horses is different from that of the dogs and other animals with which we most often have contact. If you haven’t ridden before, here you can count on a calm horse and a confident instructor who will give you an initial briefing and often lead the horse on a lead.

Standard horse ride:

30 minutes
1 hour


The horses...

If you like the horse and the experience exceeds expectations (this is the most common case) you can ride longer or take a riding lesson. In it you will learn in detail the language horses communicate in, how we communicate with them, safety standards, and of course riding and driving from the saddle. We hold the lessons at the arena or during a walk in the woods.

Advanced Riding

For adrenaline lovers

Advanced Riding

Riding and interacting with horses is an “acute medical condition” that if you catch it, it stays with you for life. When you have your own horse he knows all your secrets and provides a break from everyday life and an emotional recharge. Unfortunately not everyone can look after a horse at home. Here come our cuties of different breed, size and character.

Matching with a horse is just as important as matching with a life partner. Every rider has different understandings and preferences about riding. In our group we have horses for relaxed riding, which will patiently wait for you to photograph the beautiful landscapes and go down for mushrooms and wild strawberries. We also have horses that will enthusiastically gallop and carry you with the wind through forests and meadows.

For advanced riders who feel confident on the trot and canter we can offer a longer ride that leads to various natural sights higher up the mountain. The ride will take place with a personal guide or in a group with other riders set at a similar level. If you want to improve your skills we also offer lessons that take place in a riding arena or on a ride in the countryside.

Duration of ride:
1-2 hours
Half day
Target day
Overnight stays

Reservation for riding

Adventure in the mountains

Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to confirm your booking and provide payment details. Only after payment is made will your reservation be active. It is necessary to arrive at least 20 minutes before the requested riding time - for instruction. You can read useful information about preparing for riding here.

Maximum allowable weight is 100kg for up to an hour's ride, and for children is 2yrs, under 5yrs ride with a parent