Green teambuilding

“Green team-building in the Mountains of Bulgaria” – Adventure House Rusaliite
The adventure house Rusaliite, established in 2007, is situated on the South slopes of Rila Mountain, 2 km away from Bachevo village, and 12 km away from Bansko, Razlog Municipality. It is between three mountains – Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes, at areaof 12 decares, beside a crystal clean mountain river, from which starts Eco-trail to the Rusaliite Peak. Except for sport, team-building and walks, the house is suitable place for relax and entertainment.
One of the best investments for your business is the investment into your team. And one of the best for your team investment is the well-organized company team-building. The varied team-building offers we use to provide will contribute to:

• improving of relationship effectiveness within the team;
• stimulation of the motivation;
• building of skills for communicating;
• building of trust;
• gaining of new knowledge and work skills;
• Improving of the quality of work and skills for decision making in conditions of uncertainty, stress and strongly competitive environment.
Our team-building offers could be of the time-frame of few hours or for couple of days, in the calm mountan with walks and picnics or in the equestrian base with participation in sport or work events, in dependence of your needs and wishes. No matter which team-building you will choose, it will leave you with pleasant and positive emotions, and will give you the opportunity to relax after the tension and stress.

Example for program package for 2 days “Green team-building in the Mountains of Bulgaria – adventure house “Rusaliite”

Minimal number of participants – 16, maximal number of participants – 36 – Thursday and Friday.

1 day
12:00 – Arriving at RS “Rusaliite” and accommodation;
12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch in Restaurant Rusaliite;
14:00 – 17:00 –Occasions in the equestrian base with guide and walk in the forest, competitions on bow shooting, rope game and etc., work in the stables – cleaning and feeding of horses, fence repair, repair of the road and wood cutting, including events by interests.
17:00 – 19:30 –School on folkloric dances and clothing, taking pictures in folklore suits (upon request).
20:00 –) Dinner with traditional products – “Rusaliiska evening” (discotheque upon request).
2 Day
8:00 –Breakfast
9:00 – 12:30–Attending the stables with opportunities for riding with guide and walk in the forests, bow shooting competitions, rope games and etc., work in the stables – cleaning and feeding of horses, fence repair, repair of the road and woods cutting, including organizing of events by interests.
12:30 – 13:30 –Lunch in Restaurant Rusaliite
14:00 –Departure
Additional information:
In Rusaliite is offered:
o Training on horse riding for beginners and advanced (no age limits), horse riding to different landmarks from few hours to several days, hypo-therapy, steeplechase and endurance competitions.
o Shooting with Huns bows and air rifle to targets.
o Walk to close natural phenomenons (natural hot springs excavated in the rocks from the river, suitable for climbing rocks, elf-garden with Eco-trail leading to it, Gergeva Skala, Avramov Kamuk, Trachian sanctuaries and etc.)
o Hiking in the virgin forests of Rila Mountain, rich of forest fruits, herbs and mushrooms, two chapels, built in close proximity, in the mountain. One of which is made over an ancient Trachian sanctuary.
o Team-building for groups and companies
o Seminars and training
o Opportunities for educative activities with school groups.
In the garden of the complex there is mini-reserve of wild animals: peacocks, pheasants, parrots, rabbits, snakes and more, playground with swings and sslides and barbecuebuilt on the riverbank.
The hotel have 11 double rooms, 3 triple rooms and 6 apartments, conference hall with panoramic terrace and restaurant.

„Green team-building in the mountains of Bulgaria” – Adventure House “Rusaliite”
Prices are valid till June 30, in the period of Thursday – Friday
Room Type
Price for person/night – all inclusive
Price for person/BGN
Single room 158,20
Double room 138,20
Apartment 178,20
The price includes: breakfast, 2 lunches and dinners with traditional products, resort tax, insurance, high-speed WiFi, 9% VAT for the nights and 20% VAT for the rest of activities, envisaged in the package and foods, guides and trainers services.
The price does not include:
Transportation to and from Rusaliite AH;
Additional attractions in Rusaliite AH – massages (50 – 100 BGN/person), folklore dances (10 BGN/person) an pictures in folklore suits (10 BGN/person).
The package, program and prices are for instance and are liable to negotiation and change. Information and reservations: 00 359 888 243 935; 00 359 0898 574 336;