Mount Rusaliite

3 hours and 30 min. Ride available for more advanced riders

Marshuta started in open meadows and wide dirt road going into the dense mountain landscapes and ancient trees, with a beautiful forest peizazh and out of the wide meadow Karakachan huts. After a short break the trail continues to the area Vachidol entering the last belt of forest among old Muri, after entering into the realm of squats and juniper and out in the heart of Vachidol. The road becomes more difficult, the trail winds between boulders and shrubs, reach the forest a little lake, then began climbing the steep mountain slopes with devilishly beautiful views. Just before you leave a small tip padinka with pure mountain spring. At this point there was probably a medieval village, there are foundations and remains of stone houses and the assumption that they are given the name of the place Rusaliite, around there excavations by treasure hunters. The location is convenient for camping people looking touch with nature. From 30 min. Ride on the crest of the mountain reaches peak Radonov grave.

At this peak during the Ilinden uprising on 22 September detachment of Radon Todev, numbering 70 people, which is located above the site of St. Mary in Godlevska Balkan, defended the withdrawal of the population to free Bulgaria, then was attacked by 600 army and surrounded on all sides. After fierce five-hour battle heroically died Radon Todev 25 people rebels. Asker fallen 90 people. Now this peak bearing the name of patriotic and brave patriot, there is a monument in honor of the brave rebels who died and fought for the freedom of Bulgaria.