Todorovden 2010

Theodore, also known as Horse Easter is the official celebration of Razlog Bachevo. According to the folk calendar the second week of Lent is one of the most dangerous in the year, especially for women. It called Tudorishka Sunday or Tudoritsa. Monday marked the beginning of three full post for believers. During the whole week must not wash. The belief is that this week St. Todor night riding a white horse. The saint is presented as Kara-horse or put-Concha (dead horseman, vampire). This is just one of the many combinations of old beliefs with orthodox canon. Veneration of St. Todor Bulgarians historically attested back in the early Middle Ages. It combines the cult of the two saints warriors – Todor Stratilat and Todor Tiron. In Bachevo currently are about 1,800 residents, of which about 60 people are named Todor and horses are over 120, which means that almost every home has a horse. Traditionally, residents celebrated the event with the traditional ritual of feeding the horses – women in costumes horses feeding it bread, corn, salt, sugar, and garlic – against the evil eye. The square was the celebration ceremony, all horses and riders were sprinkled with holy water. Besides the usual race to master riding and checking the speed and power of horses this year it introduced another racing discipline – for master control carts. The Winners took money prize of 2,400 bgn.