Dobursko village

2:00 riding accessible for all categories of riders

The road passes through rough terrain with rivers, valleys and ridges, alternating meadows and woodlands. Starting at Gramadeto. In Gramadeto north end of the village are traces of human activity in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic era. Ostanki Thracian and late settlement, then the road enters woodland, crossing several mountain stream and enters the land of. Godlevo passes the Chapel St. Elias. Begin vast meadows suitable for fast riding should downhill and enters Dobarsko. The road passes 30 m picturesque waterfall “Shtrokaloto.” Along it you Klinetsa and the little river that divides the village of east and west. For the first time Dobarsko is mentioned in historical documents in the Rila charter of King Shishman of 1378. When they arrived in the region of Dobarsko not accidental. There are relief and healing – healing spring water – water that rises today in the courtyard of the medieval church in Dobarsko “St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratelates “. This tradition has entered into local history and is reflected in the frescoes of the church.