Chapel St. George

2:00 riding available for experienced riders

The chapel “St. George” is located in the tabouret scale, built on top of the eponymous rock, the site of an old church from which a magnificent view of the whole Razlog valley. You can see except the chapel and light a candle to health, you can check your sins, attempting to pass through the crack between two huge rocks. According to legend, if you have sins both scales will close as you enter between them! We have not had a man with so many sins … yet;)
Getting there is extremely diverse and attractive: crossing the river, riding on the cart path, out of a broad meadow in Vecheroven and Nevestina fountain. There you can relax and taste of pure cold water. The road continues in woodland and mountain trail of medium difficulty, passage of fallen trees, dense forest and out of the meadow in front of the chapel.