8th December 2015.

Number of nights with breakfast and dinner: – 2 nights – 70 lev – 3 nights – 85 BGN – 4 nights – 100 BGN * Stay regardless of number of nights includes: – Horse riding (once) – Wifi internet – parking –... read more

Todorovden 2013

For the fourth consecutive year the first place traditional horse race took our horse – Vegas with horse rider Rosen Lyubenov. East Bulgarian horse for the second time won first place, the first time was Todorovden in 2011 with rider Nadia... read more

Todorovden 2012

This year Theodore was on 3 of March and coincided with the national holiday of Bulgaria. In the center of village Bachevo gathered a lot of horses, owners and spectators during the traditional gifts of bread and feeding the horses with corn. Then all they headed to... read more

Todorovden 2010

Theodore, also known as Horse Easter is the official celebration of Razlog Bachevo. According to the folk calendar the second week of Lent is one of the most dangerous in the year, especially for women. It called Tudorishka Sunday or Tudoritsa. Monday marked the... read more

New residents of the horse race!

Found on the road and rescued by a friend – Tiger and Luvcho now live in the horse race. Small members quickly learn their new home with great curiosity and especially love to help in the arrangement of wood for the... read more