Hut Macedonia

4 hours and 30 min. riding available for experienced riders

Migration starts from open meadows and wide dirt road going into the dense mountain landscapes and ancient trees, crossing clear streams, it is on the slopes of Mount Rusaliite enters the mountain trails with beautiful forest landscape and out of the wide meadow Karakachan huts. After a short break the trail continues to the area Vachidol entering the last belt of forest among centuries-old white firs, which then enters the realm of squats and juniper. Reaching the heart of Vachidol road becomes more difficult, it is between the sea and bushes to just the forest lake. Then it began the climbing steep mountain slopes with devilishly beautiful views. Just before the tip comes in small place with pure mountain spring. At this point there was probably a medieval village, because there are foundations and remains of stone houses and probably it is given the name of the locality Rusaliite. From the crest of the summit is very close, the trail is marked and tourist marshuta hut “Macedonia”. The road runs along the tops of the mountains and in the last section has a steep descent to the hut itself.