The Rusaliite restaurant is known for the delicious home-made food. We grow many of the vegetables in our garden and the rest we get from local farms. We make sure all our food is organic, healthy and prepared with care and love.
You will enjoy the traditional Bulgarian cuisine and will get to try some of the best Bulgarian delicacies.

According to tradition and time of year we offer different menues on some of the holidays. Here are two of the best ones:

  • Easter – the birth of spring we celebrate with traditional sweet bread called kozunak, that is so fluffy and tender it melts in your mouth. Our Easter eggs are boiled, painted and used for egg fight.. no, it’s not the snow ball fight you think of 😉 this activity has a great history and tradidion behind it, and you can be part of all of it if you join us for Easter!
  • Christmas Eve – on this bright day the menu contains uneven number of dishes, usually 7 or 9, and they are all and 100% vegan by the rule of tradition! You will discover appetizers, main courses and desserts you could never think of! The Christmas Eve meals will leave you with full belly and completely satisfied.